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“An orchestra is a creative unity. A group of men and women that come to the point of re-creating something beautiful together.” Herbert von Karajan

VIDA Partner 2018

Become a VIDA partner

Doing business with VIDA software solutions means supporting companies to simplify the management of their businesses, day after day.

The VIDA.Partner program provides you with the tools to grow your business, offering you innovative solutions for the management of laboratory, control and quality assurance, R&D areas.

In our VIDA.Partner we have an answer for every level of competence and business.

Some advantages of the VIDA.Partner program

  • Differentiated: being a VIDA.Partner means being able to give answers to your customers to help them reduce complexities, innovating and accompanying them in the process of compliance and growth.
  • Transform and make your business grow: access the power of AYAMA technology (applications, mobile, cloud and platforms). Discover AYAMA through on-premise installations, cloud and mobile devices.
  • Flexibility: create synergies and business opportunities by choosing the engagement plan you prefer

The VIDA Partner is the program aimed at creating synergies and new business opportunities through collaborations and partnerships, reserved for consultancy companies and freelancers who are responsible for providing services related to Quality Management Systems, as well as suppliers of IT solutions for companies.

As an example:

  • CONSULTANCY IN THE FIELD OF QUALITY (e.g. certification, support for the achievement of certifications and their maintenance, safety-environment, food hygiene fields)

VIDAPartner2018 is an initiative developed to create a network of professionals who can create synergies and business opportunities together, consistent with the level of involvement that the Partner wishes to cover in the network.

Discover the various ways to participate in VIDA.Partner or explore the various partnership opportunities with VIDA.

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